Yee Boutique Jewelry Store, UK

Digital Signage Solutions for Product Display and Promotion at Yee Boutique Jewelry Store, UK


Screenage, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, was approached by Yee Boutique Jewelry Store in the UK to install electronic signage that showcases product displays and promotions. The goal is to create an engaging and visually appealing shopping experience for customers while increasing sales.

Client Needs

Yee Boutique Jewelry Store required a solution that would enable them to display product images on electronic signage and promote their brand's new products. They sought a solution that would ensure they showcase their products and create an unforgettable shopping experience for customers, leading to more sales.

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Screenage recommended a comprehensive solution that included No.521XH and No.530XH. These displays offered exceptional clarity and reliability, They feature high-temperature resistance, allowing them to work for extended periods of time, and up to 3000 nits of brightness to make content clearly visible in any light.. making them ideal for displaying product images and promotional content.

To meet Yee Boutique Jewelry Store's need for engaging promotional content, Screenage collaborated with the brand to produce captivating video and image content featuring their products. This custom content was then uploaded onto the electronic signage system, giving customers an immersive, visually stunning view of the products and promotions.


Screenage provided end-to-end support during the installation process, which included mounting and configuring the displays, installing and setting up the media players, and testing and troubleshooting the system. Our team also provided training to store staff about managing and updating video and image content.


The digital signage project at Yee Boutique Jewelry Store has been well-received by both the store staff and customers. The displays provide an engaging and immersive shopping experience, giving customers a memorable glimpse of the products and promotions. The promotional content has effectively increased customer interest and sales for the store.

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Future Developments

As part of Screenage's commitment to ongoing support and improvement, we will continue collaborating with Yee Boutique Jewelry Store to assess the performance of the product images and promotional content. We will make any necessary updates or adjustments to achieve better engagement and ROI. Furthermore, we will explore opportunities to incorporate interactive touchscreens and other advanced features to further enhance the customer experience and boost sales for the store.