Hua Hin Train Station, Thailand

Digital Signage Advertising at Hua Hin Train Station, Thailand


Screenage, a provider of digital signage solutions, was approached by the Hua Hin Train Station in Thailand for a project to install electronic signage at the station's departure gates. The goal was to provide accurate, real-time information to passengers and also use the displays for advertising purposes.

Client Needs

In addition to providing real-time train information, the Hua Hin Train Station wanted a solution that would allow them to display advertisements on the electronic signage. The client was looking for a reliable solution that could showcase promotional material for local businesses and improve their revenue stream.

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Screenage's recommended solutions are outdoor standing totems, including Model 622 and Model 551. These displays offer high-definition resolution and 24/7 operation, making them ideal for high-traffic environments at train stations.

To meet the client's needs for advertising content, Screenage worked with local businesses to develop custom-branded templates that highlighted their products and services. These ads were showcased on the electronic signage during peak travel periods, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.


Screenage provided end-to-end support during the installation process, including mounting and configuring the displays, installing and setting up the media players, and testing and troubleshooting the system. Our team provided training to the station staff on how to manage and update the advertising content.


The electronic signage advertising project at the Hua Hin Train Station has been well-received by both the station staff and local businesses. The displays provide real-time train information while also generating revenue through advertising. The BrightSign media players have been reliable and easy to use, ensuring that the ads remain operational 24/7. Additionally, the custom-branded templates have been eye-catching and effective, generating interest and sales for local businesses.

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Future Developments

As part of Screenage's commitment to ongoing support and improvement, we will continue to work with the Hua Hin Train Station and local businesses to evaluate the performance of the advertising content, and make any necessary updates or adjustments to improve engagement and ROI. Additionally, we will explore opportunities to incorporate interactive touchscreens and other advanced features to further enhance the passenger experience and increase revenue streams for the client.